Hop cultivation 

The cultivation of hops is a highly complex task. Every year there are new challenges which have to be mastered in order to preserve optimal qualities. Broad knowledge in dealing with soil and plants is available through the training as agricultural manager and soil practitioner.

Just as important is a functioning network among our partner enterprises. Through the pooling of skills we are quickly able to adapt ourselves to current circumstances.

We are not only vendors, but we know best about our products, since we actively accompany the complete path from cultivation to finished product. Only in this way is it possible to produce hops that have an outstanding internal and external quality. We are not dependent on the decisions of other parties and thereby have direct influence on the quality of our products.

Intensive soil development is the embodiment of our economic approach. Far too little attention is paid to the soil nowadays. Many experiments and studies prove that healthy plants only grow on optimally supplied soils.

In winegrowing it has already been demonstrated that the quality and shelf life of wines improved significantly in soils in which physical, biological and chemical properties are compatible. The properties of the soil are transferred to the plant.

This has significant influence on the aroma quality in beer.

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"Wholesome beer from wholesome soil" 

Another important element for producing quality hops is careful harvesting. Our company invested in a new harvesting centre with the latest technology in 2008. And effective and careful picking technique is important. We rely on the two-machine concept utilised by global market leader WOLF from Geisenfeld. Fast and gentle drying is absolutely crucial for preserving an optimal internal and external quality. Our drying system is equipped with the most modern control system in order to keep a constant eye on all parameters, and thereby an optimal drying result is achieved.

Due to the effective technique it is also possible for us to select the optimal harvest time.

In beer tasting sessions it could already be demonstrated that harvest time and drying process have a significant influence on the aroma quality in beer. These two factors can only be influenced planters.

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