high quality Hops
made in bavaria

Hops as far as the eye can see. Nestled in the enchanting hops landscape of the Hallertau is Oberumelsdorf (in the certified growing district of Siegenburg), home of our hops farm business. Surrounded by the most modern and biggest hops-processing plant in the world, and the newly built pilot brewery in St. Johann, the necessary expertise is practically on the doorstep. The landscape shows itself from its best side and convinces with its excellent soil quality. The hops plants are optimally supplied with water and nutrients and convince with their exquisite quality and excellent aromas.

The love of nature and of hops in particular has run in the family for four generations now. With respect to progress and technology, we are now one of the most modern and innovative hops-growing businesses ( hops farm ). We currently lavish care on our hops on approx. 60ha. From the aroma hops Opal, Perle, bitter hops Herkules, flavour hops Mandarina Bavaria, Huell Melon, Hallertau Blanc, to the two new flavour varieties Ariana and Callista, there is something for every hops-lover. We direct our attention to good and close cooperation with hop growers and master brewers, in order to remain true to our high quality standards.

Thomas Kiermeier

Thomas Kiermeier

Hops Farm

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