Bitter Substances
α-acids (EBC 7.4) 16,7
β:α (EBC 7.7) 0,3
cohumulone (EBC 7.7) 36
polyphenols (EBC 7.14) 3,8
polyphenols:α 0,2
xanthohumol (EBC 7.7) 0,80
xanthohumol : α 0,048
Aroma Substances
Total oil (EBC 7.10) 1,7
β-caryophyllene:humulene 0,28
farnesene (EBC 7.12) < 0,5
linalool (EBC 7.12; mg/100g) 8
linalool: α 0,5
Aromatic impressions of the raw hops

Herkules  aromatic impressions of the raw hops

Aroma in the beer

Herkules Aroma in Beer

The variety Herkules gives beer a harmonious bitterness that is not too strong. It imparts the various aroma impressions consistently in a form that is not too pronounced. Only in terms of taste is the hoppy note slightly accentuated in comparison to the other impressions.