Ariana Hops

Bitter Substances
α-acids (EBC 7.4) 12
β:α (EBC 7.7) 0,5
cohumulone (EBC 7.7) 42
polyphenols (EBC 7.14) 3,2
polyphenols:α 0,27
xanthohumol (EBC 7.7) 0,5
xanthohumol : α 0,042
Aroma Substances
Total oil (EBC 7.10) 2,0
β-caryophyllene:humulene 0,30
farnesene (EBC 7.12) < 2
linalool (EBC 7.12; mg/100g) 3
linalool: α 0,25
Aromatic impressions of the raw hops
Ariana Hops impressions of the raw hops

Ariana is harmonious and mild with fruity aromas of blackcurrant (cassis) and sweet fruits such as peach and pear. The slight resinous note complements the tropical and lemony scents perfectly.

Assessment from brew trials
Ariana Hops Assessment from brew trials

Depending on beer type and quantity of hops, aromas of grapefruit, cassis, geranium, gooseberry, lemon and vanilla round off wonderfully. Ariana is very well suited to hopping.